Rory Sabbatini Uses Decolt Grand Bag on the PGA Tour!

Rory Sabbatini with Decolt Grand on the PGA Tour
Decolt Grand USA Uses Same Technology as seen with
Rory Sabbatini on the PGA Tour
The company is offering a Father’s Day promotion of 33% off the regular price of its Decolt Grand lightweight, motorized, modular Electric Golf Carts.


SCOTTSDALE, AZ – June 2, 2022– Decolt Grand USA, the exclusive partner of Czech Republic-based Golf Geum Technology, announces that its modular system incorporates the same Geum Technology that is seen on PGA Tour professional, Rory Sabbatini’s new golf bag which he debuted at the 2022 Wells Fargo Championship.

The company is currently offering a Father’s Day promotion of 33% off the regular price of its Decolt Grand lightweight, motorized, modular Electric Golf Carts. The price on the website has been adjusted to reflect the discount.

Made from the highest quality materials, Decolt Grand is a lightweight, motorized, complete modular golf cart system which gives golfers the opportunity to modify it based on their needs.  The complete system weighs in at 23.8 lbs. as configured as the Electric 3-wheel cart and can also be used as a manual 3-wheel cart, 2-wheel cart for the driving range, or the bag only in a riding golf cart.

A well-thought-out patented ergonomic design makes the Decolt Grand extremely compact with plenty of storage space. The clubs are easily accessible and intuitively arranged and don’t hit each other during play or during transport. The low center of gravity created by the clubs positioned with the heads down also ensures excellent stability on uneven terrain. The Decolt Grand is reliable in any weather and includes a waterproof remote control.

“The revolutionary lightweight performance of the Decolt Grand is like having your own caddie,” said Mark Myrhum, exclusive partner of Decolt Grand USA. “It’s easy to use, it’s super stable and won’t tip over like many other electric carts, and you can even charge your phone off the batteries during your round. It’s also very light and disassembles in less than a minute. This cart really changes the way you play!”

Meticulous details and materials have gone into the design of the Decolt Grand. It is manually assembled by highly trained technicians in Prague, Czech Republic, and is constructed using high quality materials from carefully selected suppliers from all over the world. For example, the pockets are hand-sewn from German materials, the electric drive comes from Switzerland - German production, and the lithium batteries that have a range of 2 - 3 rounds on a single charge, are supplied from Japan. The entire supporting "skeleton", including the axle, wheels, handle and other small parts, is made of composite carbon fibers, which are used in the aerospace industry.

Decolt Grand is currently available in 2 bag color options: Black-White zipper and Black-Black zipper. It Includes Electric Drive Motor and manual push-cart configurations plus accessories: Umbrella with Holder, Rain Hood, and Leather Scorecard Cover. Free ground shipping is available in the U.S.

Decolt Grand is available online at and in Canada online at The Golfather, and at Muskoka HIghlands GC in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. Demos can be seen at Cool Clubs in Scottsdale, AZ.

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About Decolt Grand USA

Decolt Grand USA is the exclusive partner of Czech Republic-based Golf Geum Technology, a design studio and manufacturer of luxury golf carts. Decolt Grand was created with the intention to make the original two-wheeled cart into what the company now calls a Modified Golf System with four possible configurations from one bag, plus an electrified, remotely operated cart. It was first introduced at the 2013 PGA Merchandise show and by 2018 the second generation of Golf Geum Technology electric carts were being distributed worldwide.


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